Kristy Bandy

Kristy Bandy

Licensed Real Estate Agent

I live in Newcastle because I love the people and the lifestyle. I love the beaches, the restaurants, the history, the iconic sandstone buildings, the walking tracks, as well as the art and the culture.

I can provide a fresh and enthusiastic approach to buying and selling real estate, an approach that ensures your hopes and dreams are paramount. I am also committed to ensuring your real estate experience will be as stress free and rewarding as possible.

I place great importance on integrity, honesty and open communication. I have a strong work ethic and people value my straight-talking and professional approach. I have a warm, outgoing nature, underpinned by commitment and hard work.

My passion is people. I consider it a great privilege to work with people from all walks of life and a range of backgrounds to help them realise their dreams. I believe I can assist anyone wanting to buy or sell real estate. Many of the people I have worked with remain important and valued customers.

I am part of a new generation of real estate professionals. We have fresh, innovative ideas; we are expert in new technologies and employ the latest approaches and strategies. As your chosen real estate professional, I will employ all those skills to help ensure you the best result possible.